Earthquake Strikes again in Mexico this time in Oaxaca State

Mexico’s southern Pacific Coast on Friday.

The earthquake was reported for at 5:39 p.m. local time, shaking structures around 225 miles away in Mexico City, where the memory of a Sept. 19 earthquake that killed more than 300 individuals in the capital and different parts of the nation is still fresh. Friday’s tremors left tall structures swaying for over two minutes.


No deaths or wounded were reported. Yet, 13 individuals were killed hours later when a military helicopter bringing Mexico’s interior minister, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, and the governor of the state of Oaxaca to a town close to the earthquake’s epicenter crashed, the Oaxaca state prosecutor’s office said in an announcement cited to by nearby news outlets.

Mr. Navarrete told Mexican news media that the pilot lost control while attempting to land and the helicopter tipped over, landing on two vehicles. Those killed were on the ground and various other individuals were harmed, the Interior Ministry said. Mr. Navarrete, and the governor Alejandro Murat, sustained minor wounds.

The authorities had been headed to Pinotepa Nacional, a town in Oaxaca close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Many houses there were reported to have been harmed.

Luis Felipe Puente, Mexico’s national coordinator of civil protection, wrote on Twitter that there were no immediate reports of major damage from the earthquake. In Oaxaca, the state director of civil protection, Heliodoro Díaz Escárraga, said that homes were damaged in the town of Santa María Chimalapas and walls fell in the town of Jamiltepec.

In Mexico City, the capital, inhabitants streamed from buildings and into the streets, messaging to check whether their friends and family were safe, held by a feeling of fear just a few months old.

Occupants of the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods of Mexico City, which endured some of the most damage in September, ran out into the streets in panic, gazing toward the buildings as the earthquake warning system went off. Once in the streets, they searched indications of damage to their buildings.

Last September’s seismic eruption has left individuals terrified at the smallest tremor, and the tears in the faces of the individuals who endured the last major earthquake were easy spot on the streets.

Numerous could be heard rehashing the words “Oh God, not again.”

Video footage from inside the Mexico City newsroom of a daily newspaper, Milenio, demonstrated employees ducking underneath desks as light fixtures swung uncontrollably.

The initial 7.2-magnitude shock was followed 57 minutes later by a magnitude-5.8 aftershock.

The epicenter of Friday’s earthquake was between those of a magnitude 8.2 quake on Sept. 8 and the 7.1-magnitude earthquake on Sept. 19. In any case, from a geological point of view, each of the three happened in a same general territory — a so-called subduction zone, where one piece of the earth’s crust, for this situation the Cocos Plate, is gradually sliding under another, the North American.

Like other subduction zones around the Pacific and somewhere else, this district is the source of numerous earthquakes, some of them extremely strong and dangerous. The movement of the two plates relative to each other is slow — about two to three inches a year — yet it makes stresses build, either at the boundary between the two plates or, just like the case with the September quakes, inside one of them. Eventually the stresses turn out to be excessively and the rock formations slip, discharging energy as an earthquake.

Not long after Friday’s earthquake, the United States Geological Survey discharged a concise initial analysis, saying that it happened “on or near” the boundary between the two plates, and around 55 miles north of the Middle America Trench, where the Cocos starts its slide underneath the North America plate.

In addition to local destruction, strong Mexican earthquakes frequently cause harm in Mexico City — regardless of whether, as for this situation, the capital is miles away. Mexico City was built on an old lake bed, and the sediments of sand and clay increase the seismic waves as they arrive from the epicenter.

Depending upon the amount of energy discharged the depth of the epicenter and its distance from Mexico City, the seismic waves from an earthquake can affect a few structures in the capital more than others. In the Sept. 19 quake, generally shorter structures were knocked down. Yet, in a 1985 quake that slaughtered 10,000 individuals, a large portion of the structures that were seriously damaged or destroyed were six to 16 stories tall.

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3 women arrested for being naked in public

SINGAPORE – Eight women were arrested for appearing naked in public to drug-related offences in a 6 hour joint operation, the police said on Monday (Jan 15).


Three women were arrested for appearing nude of these; two were also arrested for employment and immigration-related offences.

Another five were arrested for drug-related offences. The Straits Times understands that eighth was Malaysian while seven of the women were Vietnamese.

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The operation was conducted at public entertainment outlets in Cuppage Plaza from 11pm last Thursday, was carried out by Tanglin Police Division and the Central Narcotics Bureau’s Enforcement E Division.

Three entertainment outlets were found to have broken public entertainment licensing conditions.

Investigations against the suspects are ongoing.

The police said they take “a serious view of anyone found breaking the law and will continue to work with other law enforcement agencies to eradicate criminal activities”.

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P80M spent on Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho’s wedding

MANILA, Philippines – Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho who are celebrity doctors recently tied the knot in Paris, an event that was named among local showbiz as the “wedding of the year.”

Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho

It is most likely deserves that title, given its hefty price tag.

Citing “two distinct, impeccable sources, “the entertainment website Pep reported that Belo and Kho spent a total of P80 million for their grand wedding.

The special report likewise had a breakdown of evaluated wedding costs, based on sources and inquiries with the couple’s suppliers.

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Among these are the P1.7-million first-class flight of Belo, Kho and their little daughter Scarlet Snow to Paris; the P83,000 “donation” to their ceremony church; the two-day lease for the Palais Garnier’s Fabulous Hall at P11.6 million; Belo’s one-week remain at the Ritz hotel’s Coco Chanel suite at P1.35 million every night; the bridal gowns by Michael Cinco at P8 million; the rented chauffeur-driven luxury cars for wedding guests at P1.76 million for 48 hours; and the five-course meal at the reception beginning at P16,000 per head for 250 guests.

Around 50 local celebrities, the majority of them endorsers of Belo’s beauty empire, traveled to Paris to attend the grand event.

This is Belo and Kho’s second wedding, following a civil ceremony in their home in Manila.

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Philippines VP Robredo facing impeachment complaint

Manila, Philippines – A legal counselor for late dictator Ferdinand Marcos filed an arraignment complaint against Philippine VP Leni Robredo for her strong criticism of the administration’s bloody war on drugs.

Philippines Vice President - Leni Robredo

Philippines Vice President – Leni Robredo

The complaint for violation of the constitution and betrayal of public trust was sent by Oliver Lozano to the office of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, a staunch ally of President Rodrigo Duterte. Alvarez had for a few days been considering whether to file a complaint himself.

“She is the termite of the government,” Lozano said in a letter seeking endorsement for his six-page complaint.

Robredo, who is not a member from Duterte’s party and was elected in a different contest, may have landed herself in a bad position after issuing a strong reproach of the popular President’s war on drugs in a video sent to the Unified Nations.

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Alvarez said that was “irresponsible”. “This is the first time a high government official has sent a video clip maligning our country,” he said in a radio interview.

Robredo’s legal counselor, Barry Gutierrez, was sure she had done no wrong. “Truth-telling can never be an impeachable offence,” he told reporters.

The complaint comes in the midst of dispute amongst Duterte and his followers and the opposition Liberal Party and its allies, loosely along political lines going back to the time of late President Ferdinand Marcos, who was ousted by a “People Power” uprising in 1986.

It was filed four days after lower House representative Gary Alejano filed an impeachment complaint against Duterte, blaming him for offenses extending from conflict of interest and assets concealment to drugs-related extrajudicial killings.


Solar Power: Keeps The Environment Clean

When technology is used to derive usable energy from the light of the sun one calls it solar power and the use of solar energy has been known and used by traditional technologies for centuries and is most used where other power supplies are not present like in space or in remote locations on the earth. Solar power has been used in heating, generation of electricity as well as in desalination of seawater and its application is becoming more widespread as the costs as well as supply of other power sources like fossil fuels make it an effective source for energy generation. There are a number of different uses for solar power and solar heating systems are one such use.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar Thermal Collectors

Solar hot water systems make use of sunlight to heat up water and these systems are found in domestic appliances that heat domestic water or for space heating and are basically composed of solar thermal collectors as well as a storage tank. There are three types of solar water heaters that make use of solar power and these are active systems that use pumps in order to circulate water or to heat transfer fluids and the passive systems that circulate water or heat transfer fluid through natural circulation and are known as thermosiphon systems and the third type is the batch system that use a tank that is heated by sunlight, directly.

Another use of solar power is in solar cooking where a solar box cooker traps the energy from the sun into an insulated box and these are useful in cooking, pasteurization as well as fruit canning and are in use in many developing countries to reduce the demand for firewood as well as to keep the environment clean. Solar lighting is another use of solar power where use of natural light to supply illumination is used to save energy and it offers physiological as well as psychological benefits.

There are also large scale uses for solar power as are in the case of solar thermal electric power plants where solar thermal energy may be used in heating a heat exchanger to high temperatures and the heat is then used in the production of electric power or for other industrial uses. Also, solar power technologies may be classified as direct or indirect and normally, direct solar power involves a single transformation of sunlight in order to get energy that can be used and in such cases sunlight may be used to hit photovoltaic cells to create electricity or it may warm a thermal mass or it may strike a solar sail such as those found on spacecrafts and there are also many other means of deriving direct solar power. Indirect solar power involves multiple conversion of sunlight to obtain useable energy forms.

The Solar Power Car – An Idea For The Future

Solar Cells Becoming More Efficient

A European consortium of scientists has conducted a solar power project whereby they have increased the efficiency rating of solar cells. Their breakthrough allows a record level of 18% of sunlight to be converted to electricity by a solar panel. They believe that this innovation will decrease the costs involved in future solar power projects and will bring the world one step closer to solar energy becoming the world’s chief source of electricity.

Spain Now Requires Use Of Solar Power

The government of Spain has decided to take solar power projects much more seriously. With their new updates to their housing and building codes, they are requiring broad advancements in the use of solar technology. New homes must get at least 30% of their electrical needs from solar energy. The amount can vary based on location and other conditions. Whereas much of Spain’s research and funding has previously been dedicated to wind power, the country now sees solar power as its key to a brighter future in the field of energy resources and consumption.

Solar Powered Car A Huge Hit At Solar Energy Convention

A car powered entirely by solar energy was a huge hit at a recent solar energy convention in San Jose, California. After having been in development for several years, the car was unveiled to an overwhelmingly positive response. Looking more like a golf cart than a normal car, the vehicle is powered by energy collected by solar cells on the roof of the car. Prototypes are being prepared to lead to future models becoming available for consumer purchase. After meeting such a response at a convention of solar energy enthusiasts, it remains to be seen how the cars will be received at more mainstream automotive conventions and showcases.

Providing Heated Water For 2008 Olympics

The Olympic officials for the 2008 Summer Olympics to be held in Beijing, China have announced their plans to have a “green Olympics,” using environmentally friendly technologies wherever possible. In an effort to help them comply with this mission, a newly developed solar power project has been presented by German scientists and funded through the Italian government. Their system will allow the showers in the athlete’s village to be heated via solar power. The showers will be used by nearly 10,000 athletes, and the cost of the solar power project will be much less than heating via conventional means.

Today the whole planet is held for ransom by the greed and indiscriminate use of non-renewable fuel and energy. It does not matter whether we speak of water, wood, electricity, minerals, animals, you name it – man has exploited every one to near exhaustion. A drastic change is needed in human behavior today if we want to save this wonderful planet for posterity.

Solar Powered Car

Do they all look futuristic? Not all of them do.

The Solar Power Car – A Dream Come True

Crude oil being one of the most critically endangered non-renewable energy sources at present, kick-started many research projects which are seeking workable solutions to this problem. The solar power car is one such solution which may have the answer to the dwindling resource for a seamless transfer of technology.

The solar panels that are used in the car, unlike in the past are much more reasonable in cost today, though not exactly affordable. Comparing the costs we had about some 7-8 years back, today’s solar panels are easier on the pocket. It will, of course, still need to come down if we are talking about a mass-appeal product.

Why solar power, you may ask? Solar power is one of the most available and easily within-the-reach as a source of energy for human society. The sun is indeed a form of renewable energy that could last forever, and utilized properly, could provide free energy for everyone in a few years down the track.

The solar power car in this context, is exactly what is needed – since the fuel costs are rising steadily and the crude oil sources are diminishing day by day – one has to have some alternatives handy. The solar power car would answer to some burning needs of today. However, it is not clear whether such a car can be made commercially viable yet.

A few elite motor companies have already released prototypes of cars that run on electricity. They are made only for two – but they are exceptionally fuel efficient. The electric car is also known as the smart car and the general target customers are young women. This is because the vehicle is very small and achieves a maximum of 50 kms/hr speed, which would not appeal too much to men.

An advantage of focusing on women is that their finance (through women-only accounts) would be slightly easier than for men.

Today, the electric car can run some 70 plus kms for the cost of one liter of petrol – which is phenomenal. Can the solar power car better this record?